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We have some VERY IMPORTANT Eurovision news

We know who the UK’s entry to Eurovision this year is.

No seriously, we do.

It’s not often we have ‘a source’, but for a change we have absolutely stumbled across some exclusive bona fide information.

If we were a “real” news / gossip site / blog, then we’d probably post what we know right now and then ride the page hits right to the bank. Unfortunately we’re so not, so we won’t.

And really, that kind of makes this entire post a bit pointless. You’ve learnt nothing except that we purport to know something you don’t know, and that we’re not going to tell you what it is. Basically we’re being cunts.

We will confirm this: as rumoured it is a female solo artist. But it’s not who you think it is. In fact, we’d wager that (although you will know the artist) you’d never guess in a million years. But once you get over the shock, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

We haven’t heard the song, but we’ve spoken to someone who has. Two words: power ballad.

Roll on May 18th.

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